Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your A-levels

As results day is approaching (ahhh) and I have been through my first year of A-levels I decided to share some advice for people who may be making last minute A-level decisions. For my AS levels I took Drama, History, Psychology and English Literatre and I have since dropped English Literature which is the main … Continue reading Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your A-levels

The University Journey|Southampton 

Southampton was my favourite for a long time before I went to visit the university on the open day and I must say it did not disappoint! Accommodation: I think Southampton had the best accommodation, the most expensive was really modern and felt expensive but even the second most expensive (and quite reasonably priced) was … Continue reading The University Journey|Southampton 

The University Journey| Durham 

Durham University is different to the other universities because it is collegiate, so you belong to a college. This appeals to me because I love the idea of having a sort of family in your college. Durham is also the course with the highest entry requirements that I am looking at (AAA) Accommodation: Now this … Continue reading The University Journey| Durham 

The Uniersity Journey| Loughborough 

Loughborough is know to be a very sporty University and if you know me then you know that sport is not my forte but I think being surrounded by people and an environment that encourage sport could have a positive impact on my attitude sports. Accommodation: The most expensive accommodation here was lovely, the room … Continue reading The Uniersity Journey| Loughborough